• I have been second and first chair prosecutor in many
    criminal cases for Starr and Cameron Counties.
  • I was Chief of the Cameron County District Attorney's
    Office, and handled many capital and non-capital
    appeals, appearing numerous times before the
    Thirteenth Court of Appeals and the Texas Court of
    Appeals, and am named in 48 published and
    unpublished opinions.
  • I was the civil litigator for Cameron County, defending
    the County against civil rights lawsuits.
  • I was legal counsel for Cameron County's 3 County
    Court-at-law judges and its 6 District Judges.
  • I was Chief of the Cameron County District Attorney's
    Environmental Section.
About Me
I am licensed to practice law in all State Courts, the Southern
Federal District of Texas, the Fifth federal Circuit, and the
United States Supreme Court.
Although my speciality is research and writing, I also represent
people in civil and criminal cases.  My usual retainer is
$2500.00, and my usual hourly professional fee is $100.00
(plus out-of-pocket expenses).  I try to help all people who
contact me  to have a voice in the federal and State Judicial
systems. If I am unable to assist someone, I will gladly assist in
finding someone who can help.
I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. I graduated from
College at St. Mary's University; from graduate school at the
Worden School of Social Services.  I am fluent in reading, writing,
and speaking Spanish.  My wife, Yolanda Isabel, and I have lived in
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico for over 2 years and, therefore, can
refer you to professional services here..